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it’s going to be raining all weekend I was planning on spray painting the space marine armor fuuuuuuuuuuu-

Not like I can start earlier either it’s supposed to start raining tomorrow and I need the pieces to sit outside 24hrs so today won’t work either.

Hoping the weather will change, but right now it looks like the armor will have to be painted on the 30th at the earliest. still not toooo bad, but still a week later than I hoped.

I was going to try and get some plush work done this week, but instead I think I’ll just focus on cosplays. I figure the sooner I’m done with this the sooner I can stop worrying about it and get back to my normal schedule instead of dragging it out for another 2 weeks.





Important Reminder for all Pokemon Fans!

Make sure you get signed up on and opt in for the marketing emails BEFORE the end of Monday October 20th. That’s tomorrow! The Pokemon Company is ONLY sending out Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo codes to people that have an account and are opted in to marketing emails, so even if you have an account already make sure you are opted in to receive marketing emails. You can get some awesome mega pokemon and items by playing the demo and transferring them to your real game later so don’t miss out!


Once you’re signed up and logged in, check out this link in order to opt into the email that will get you the code at the very bottom of the page:

Just a heads up guys, make sure you’re all set by the end of today if you want to participate!

You didn’t prime it before you sprayed it??? Most paint-on-foam ends up being soaked into the foam like a sponge, which causes like 10 coats to make it look good.

I didn’t use an individual primer because the paint was a 2 in 1 primer/paint deal, though I did heat seal my foam beforehand to close off the pores as much as possible before painting. The opposite of what you’ve described was happening with the Krylon; it wasn’t sticking or soaking into the foam at all, just kinda stayed on top of it and rubbed off. The Rust-Oleum paint/primer worked fine though so I’m doing further tests with it. I’m also painting silver onto black foam so yeah it’s going to take a few layers individual primer or not

sooo although the Krylon spray paint I tested claims to be a primer/paint combo, it doesn’t stick to foam AT ALL. So I did end up trying a lighter shade of the rust-oleum and it looks much better, the sparkles don’t show up as badly as with the darker color. had to apply it a lot thicker though, so I’ll hold off my judgement until it’s dry in about an hour.

shanryart asked:

Hi! I'm wondering what do you think about the mother-son dynamic between mako and lin? Maybe not exactly mother and son but you probably know what i mean. In season 4 they're so close!



it’s adorable, in a kinna maternal way but also just like, IT’S NICE THAT LIN HAS A FRIEND.  I assume and hope that she’s supposed to get on well with the rest of the police lol, but within Team Avatar it’s nice to have someone she’d get along with because their normally offputting personalities work together.  It’s nice for her to be connected to someone in team avatar who isn’t Tenzin.  I hope they expand on it.  On the more meta side of things it’s also cool having a young guy who’s mentor is an older woman. 



also mako doin the look last ep was great.  


Just perfect. Canon accepted.

spray paint tests! Krylon VS Rust-oleum

-primer/paint combo, so no need to prime before actual colors
-Cheap (just under $5 a can)
- comes in a wide variety of color
-spray paint at its barest bones, don’t expect any fancy spraying
-paint has a shine, but nothing super overboard
-came out blotchy, but painting in layers would prevent that
-average coverage

-also primer/paint combo
-expensive! D: $10 a can
-more limited colors in this type
-sprays in a mist, even coverage imediately
-not very thick? kinda see-through?the foam was still visible under the paint after 2 coats

So we’re gonna go with Krylon for the armor. Rust-oleum had much better coverage per can, but since krylon is so cheap buying a few extra cans isn’t a problem. We thought about trying a lighter color in Rust-oleum since we like the more even spraying but not the darker color, but SPARKLES are really not what we’re looking for LOL.

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