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sooooooooooo I just did my cosplay-making schedule for October and aaaaahahahahahahahahah I’m so dead

I mean I’m stubborn as fuck so I’ll make it but it’s going to be a tight finish like last year where I put the final coat of paint on my Sister of Battle 24 hours before the con.

So just for fun the current to-do list is:
-make my top
-make Steph’s top
-make Steph’s Hakama
-Style wigs
-staves? (big maybe, if time permits)

-fix skirt
-remake boots(gotta find suitable base pumps though)
-painfully hand sew gold waist piece together
-make nicer armband

Iron Snake:
-finish and attach shoulders to chest piece
-make power pack
-make helmet
-make fabric pieces (cape, loincloth)
-make purity seals
-make weapon(s) (chainsword and bolt pistol OR bolter gun)

I may be able to get away with Satsuki as-is, even if I’m not 100% happy with it so I’m saving working on her for last. The rest though…wish me luck lol

worlds fastest repeating bg tutorial


So make a new file in photoshop like this…


now create whatever it is that you want, make sure it’s centred in the square then duplicate the layer


now go to filter>other>offset 


set the offset to half of the width and height of the box and select the “Wrap around” thingy

save as a png and then apply as your background



hope that was helpful!

(Source: booobot)

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